What To Expect

We get it…visiting a church for the first time can be pretty uncomfortable.  But knowing what to expect can go a long way in helping to make your visit more relaxing and enjoyable. So we have tried to answer some of the most common questions people ask when they are trying to find out the dynamics of a new church. 

1. What’s the Overall “Feel”at LPAG?

The comments we get most often from our first time guests is that the feel at LPAG is comfortable and enjoyable. Because our focus is people, we have placed less emphasis on things like tradition, methodology and dress code; and have instead created an environment where people feel loved and accepted. It’s in an environment of love and acceptance that people have the freedom to grow and become more like Christ.

2. What’s the Music Like at LPAG?

In creating a worship experience we introduce songs from a variety of styles and generations of music. Our intention is to use any style of music we can to create an atmosphere where every person can experience the REAL, Life Changing Presence of God.

3. What is the Teaching Like at LPAG?

Whether in our student ministries or adult ministries, our communication team has one goal- to communicate the unchanging Word of God in a way that is helpful and relevant in the life of those they are speaking to. The messages are designed to be Engaging and Challenging.

Service Times

Sunday Experience
Sunday Morning - 8:30 & 10:30 A.M.
- (2 Identical Services)
Thursday Youth Experience
- 365 Youth Ministry (Jr. High & up)
- Doors Open at 5:30
Home Groups
-Home Groups meet in peoples homes throughout the week.