K'nect 10

K’nect 10 kid’s ministry is all about connecting kids to God.  By the time a child leaves our ministry, our goal is that we have partnered with their parents to help connect them with the One True God.  Through games, skits, object lessons, Bible memorization, take home activities and lots of fun, we strive to help every child understand that God is real, loving and desires a relationship with them.  We teach the Bible in such a way that is relevant to them, not just a book of stories written a long time ago.  We use many different teaching techniques so that every child, whether they are auditory, hands on, or visual learners, has a chance to learn.

Sunday Experience

VBS 2016

Service Times

Sunday Experience
Sunday Morning - 8:30 & 10:30 A.M.
- (2 Identical Services)
Thursday Youth Experience
- 365 Youth Ministry (Jr. High & up)
- Doors Open at 5:30
Home Groups
-Home Groups meet in peoples homes throughout the week.