365 Youth Ministry

As a teenager, we know that you are learning to navigate the most difficult and confusing years of your life so far.  It’s possible that right now you may be trying to figure out what your future looks like, or may be just who you are.  Some of you are trying to live boldly for God, while others are just wondering if there is a God.  Some of you are learning about love and romance, possibly even suffering from a broken heart, or perhaps you are just trying to make new friends.  We also know that some of you are struggling greatly, it could be because of broken homes, abuse, or addictions; or maybe it's that you've been told that you are worthless, talentless, or just plain ugly.  For you, it's everything that you can do just to survive until tomorrow.  You are searching desperately for love and hope.  Wherever you are at in your journey, one thing is for sure, the teenage years are very difficult to navigate and that is where 365 Youth ministries comes in.  In fact, we are passionate about helping you figure these things out.

Teenagers tell us all the time that Thursday night is the best part of their week.  They've come to know and trust that 365 is a safe place where they feel loved and accepted for who they are, build great friendships, discover who they are, and take the next step in their life and faith.  Not only that, 365 is just really fun.

365 meets every Thursday night from 5:30 to 8:00 P.M. and is for students ages 13 and up (students must be atleast 13 or be turning 13 before the end of the current school year).  We offer bus transportation to and from the church for students living in the downtown LaPorte area.

The music is loud, the message is relevant, the games leave you wanting more.  When you put the whole experience together, Thursday nights at 365 just may be the best part of your week as well.

Service Times

Sunday Experience
Sunday Morning - 8:30 & 10:30 A.M.
- (2 Identical Services)
Thursday Youth Experience
- 365 Youth Ministry (Jr. High & up)
- Doors Open at 5:30
Home Groups
-Home Groups meet in peoples homes throughout the week.